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Introduction to Mindfulness

Namaste Yoga

6 Mondays
Sept 14 - Oct 19

with Dr. Domonick Wegesin

Also at The Opener


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The Mindfulness Meditation practices increase our ability to be aware of and accept what we are thinking and feeling in any given moment.   

You will learn three basic mindfulness practices:  the body scan, sitting meditation, and mindful yoga. Each of these practices can be tailored to accommodate your physical abilities and limitations.

You will learn how to apply mindfulness to your daily activities.

You will build an individualized practice that will help you to continue to develop these life skills after the course has ended.

What students say about Domonick’s Mindfulness class:

"The class made me aware that a large part of my stress is self-induced – that by allowing my judgmental and hyper-critical tendencies to drive my reactions to situations, I was creating unnecessary anxiety and negativity in my life.  I learned that judging and criticizing and assessing need not be the automatic and natural responses.  A big burden has been lifted from me"!

Mona - mindfulness graduate 


"Before his workshop, I remember I could not stop checking e-mail or surfing the internet. As the result of my inability to focus, my work suffered and felt draining. I tried several practices to train my brain and kick these habits. For example, I tried Yoga classes at my gym or I played certain mind video games designed to improve attention but I was still not performing at my optimum level. One of the founders of Vibrantbrains, Inc. recommended that I sign up for Domonick's workshop, and I am so grateful for her suggestion."

B.H. - mindfulness graduate


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